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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Table of Contents


Silver coins of England

Arranged and Described


Remarks on British Money

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The Saxon Dynasties


Edward Hawkins F.R.S F.A.S &c

Keeper of Antiquities in British Museum


Edward Lumley, 56, Chancery Lane.


Table of Contents

Kings of Kent, Ethilberht I
Kings of Kent, Ethilberht II
Kings of Kent, Eadbearht and Cuthred
Kings of Kent, Baldred and South/West Saxons
Kings of Mercia, Eadwald
Kings of Mercia, Offa
Kings of Mercia, Cynethryth (Queen of Offa)
Kings of Mercia, Egcberht
Kings of Mercia, Coenwlf
Kings of Mercia, Ceolwlf
Kings of Mercia, Beornwulf, Ludica, and Wiglaf
Kings of Mercia, Berhtulf
Kings of Mercia, Burgred
Kings of Mercia, Ciolwlf
East Angles, Beonna and Ethelred
East Angles, Aethelweard
East Angles, Beorhtric and Eadmund
East Angles, Ethelstan
Northumberland, Ecgfrith
Northumberland, Aldfrid and Eadberht
Northumberland, Alchred and Elfwald
Northumberland, Heardulf
Northumberland, Eanred
Northumberland, Aethelred
Northumberland, Redulf and Osbercht
Northumberland, Aella
Northumberland, Regnald
Northumberland, Anlaf
Northumberland, Eric
Saints, Peter
Saints, Martin and Edmund
Archbishops of Canterbury, Jaenbrht
Archbishops of Canterbury, Arthilheard and Vulfred
Archbishops of Canterbury, Ceolnoth
Archbishops of Canterbury, Ethered and Plegmund
Archbishops of York, Eanbald, Vigmund, and Ulfhere
Aethelbald, Aethelbearht, and Aethelred
Eadred and Eadwig
Eadgar and Eadweard II
Aethelraed II
William the Conqueror and William II
Henry I
Henry, Bishop of Winchester and Robert
Stephen and Matilda
Eustace and William, Son of Stephen
Henry II
Henry III
Edward I
Edward II
Edward III
Richard II
Henry IV and Henry V
Henry VI
Unattributable Coins of Henry IV, V, and VI
Edward IV and Edward V
Richard III
Henry VII, First Coinage
Henry VII, Second Coinage
Henry VII, Third Coinage
Henry VIII, First Coinage
Henry VIII, Second Coinage
Henry VIII, Third Coinage
Henry VIII, Fourth Coinage
Henry VIII, Fifth Coinage
Edward VI
Elizabeth, Mint Marks
James I
Charles I
Charles I, Crowns
Charles I, Pound and Half-Pounds
Charles I, Half-Crowns
Charles I, Uncertain Half-Crowns
Charles I, Shillings
Charles I, Uncertain Shillings
Charles I, Sixpences
Charles I, Groats
Charles I, Threepence
Charles I, Half-Groats
Charles I, Penny and Halfpenny
Charles I, Mint Mark Table
Charles I, Mint Mark List
William and Mary
William III
William III, Table of Coins
George_III, Description of the Coins
Mint Marks, Introduction
Mint Marks, Edward I and Edward II
Mint Marks, Edward III
Mint Marks, Richard II and Henry IV
Mint Marks, Henry VI
Mint Marks, Henries
Mint Marks, Edward IV
Mint Marks, Discussion of the Badges of the Edwards
Mint Marks, Edward V and Richard III
Mint Marks, Henry VII
Mint Marks, Henry VIII
Mint Marks, Edward VI
Mint Marks, Mary, Philip & Mary, and Elizabeth
Mint Marks, Charles I

The Plates
Plate I - British
Plate II - British
Plate III - Sceattae
Plate IV - Kings of Kent
Plate V - Kings of Mercia
Plate VI - Kings of Mercia
Plate VII - Kings of the East Angles
Plate VIII - Kings of Northumberland
Plate IX - Kings of Northumberland
Plate X - Saints and Archibishops of Canterbury
Plate XI - Archbishops of Canterbury and York
Plate XII - Sole Monarchs
Plate XIII - Sole Monarchs
Plate XIV - Sole Monarchs
Plate XV - Sole Monarchs
Plate XVI - Sole Monarchs
Plate XVII - Sole Monarchs
Plate XVIII - Sole Monarchs and William I & II
Plate XIX - William I & II, and Henry I
Plate XX - Henry I
Plate XXI - Stephen
Plate XXII - Eustace and Edward I
Plate XXIII - Edward I, Edward II, and Edward III
Plate XXIV - Edward III and Richard II
Plate XXV - Henry IV and Henry IV, V, VI
Plate XXVI - Henry VI
Plate XXVII - Edward IV and Richard III
Plate XXVIII - Henry VII
Plate XXIX - Henry VII
Plate XXX - Henry VIII
Plate XXXI - Henry VIII
Plate XXXII - Edward VI
Plate XXXIII - Edward VI [Missing]
Plate XXXIV - Mary and Philip & Mary
Plate XXXV - Elizabeth
Plate XXXVI - Elizabeth
Plate XXXVII - James I
Plate XXXVIII - James I and Charles I
Plate XXXIX - Charles I
Plate XL - Charles I
Plate XLI - Charles I
Plate XLII - Charles I
Plate XLIII - Charles I
Plate XLIV - Charles I
Plate XLV - Charles I
Plate XLVI - Charles I
Plate XLVII - Charles I

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