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An Historical Account of English Money, From the Conquest to the Present Time; Including Those of Scotland, from the Acession of James I. to the Union of the Two Kingdoms. Illustrated with Copper Plates and Tables of Gold and Silver Money. By Stephen Martin Leake, Esq. The Third Edition, With Additions Firmamentum Belli, et Ornamentum Pacis. London: 1793
428 Pages with Appendices
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An Essay on the Roman Denarius; Shewing their Derivation from the Greek Drachma of AEgina. To which is appended a List of English and Scotch Pennies from the Conquest, together with their several Degrees of Rarity; an Account of the Farthings of Queen Anne; a List of Books necessary to the Collector of Medals; Transactions of the Numismatic Society, with a List of its Members; as well as that of Collectors of Medals in England and on the Continent; likwise of Medal Engravers. With an Addenda, &c. Published by William Till, Medallist
231 Pages with 1 Plate
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The Silver Coins of England, Arranged and Described with Remarks on British Money previous to the Saxon Dynasties by Edward Hawkins F.R.S F.A.S &c., Keeper of Antiquities in British Museum
308 Pages with 47 Plates
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The Gold Coins of England, Arranged and Described: Being a Sequel to Mr. Hawkins' Silver Coins of England, by His Grandson Robert Lloyd Kenyon
217 Pages with 23 Plates
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The Copper, Tin and Bronze Coinage and Patterns for Coins of England from the Reign of Elizabeth to that of her Present Majesty, by H Montagu, F.S.A., Second Edition with Alterations and Additions
150 Pages with Engravings
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