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Dictionary of the Coins of the World [X]

This is an ongoing work (one of those never-ending projects) consisting of a compilation of all known names used for coins from the ancient times to the present. Where possible, a description of coins of that name is given, as well as the most likely origin of the name, including translations. In many cases, links are made to pages which will show various examples of that denomination. Obviously, the images not all-inclusive but hopefully will give the user an idea of what some of the coin denominations looked like and how coins of the same name differ from country to country and through time.


Xerafim - [India-Portuguese]

Xerafin - A gold coin of Portuguese India, struck from the time of John V (1706-1750) to Mary II (1834-1853).

[Portuguese India-Goa Diu]

Xu - Plural xu.  An aluminum coin and monetary unit of Vietnam, the 100th part of a dong.

{From Vietnamese from French sou sou cent 1/100th part [of a dong]}

[Vietnam-North, Vietnam-South]

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