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Recommended and Standard Reference Works for Coins

Buy the book before you buy the coin. This saying has been in use for a long time now and refers to the fact that collectors should be knowledgeable about the pieces they acquire. The knowledge encompasses not only how much a coin could be worth but also the history of it, the circumstances of it's minting, etc. These factors give the collector a much broader appreciation for the pieces in a collection.

The following is a list of books that are excellent references. I have a majority of these and use them quite frequently when cataloging or looking for pieces to buy. Several of them are the standard reference for the particular area of interest, and others are simply very good to have in addition.

United States of America
 50 State Quarters
 Presidential Dollars
Coins of England, Great Britain, United Kingdom
World Coins
Ancient Coins (General)
Ancient Coins (Roman)
Roman Coins and Their Values (best single volume reference on Roman Coins)
Byzantine Coins
Coins of the Crusader States
Chinese Coins
German Coins
Mexican Coins
Coins of Russia and the Soviet Union

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